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NuLeadership Training Institute

The NuLeadership Training Institute (NTI) is at the heart of developing and sustaining our philosophy, ideology, strategic goals and most importantly leadership for self-determination and Human Justice.

In accordance with our CSI methodology, NTI courses are developed for:

a) Individual empowerment, transformation and leadership—for youth and adults returning home from prison or incarceration and their family members; for system stakeholders who provide social services to formerly incarcerated individuals; and community members who are looking to become actively engaged on a local level; and system stakeholders and service providers looking to integrate community engagement and youth/human development models.

b) Creating a pool of experienced community stakeholders to engage with system stakeholders and participate more equitably in decision making especially on a policy/advocacy level:

  • “Clients” to “Advocates”: provide advocacy and case “progressing” training for parents and family members of youth incarcerated as well as for at-risk or court-involved youth;
  • “Community leaders” to “Community stakeholders”: raise the baseline of knowledge and skills for community members and leaders in high impact neighborhoods; develop a skilled base of community stakeholders for participation in decision making processes and program development related to neighborhood-based resources and initiatives; and develop an infrastructure for system-community partnership/participation on a community-level.

c) Policy and advocacy training for formerly incarcerated professionals who are looking to become more involved in policy and advocacy work related to criminal justice reform and Human Justice.

d) System stakeholders to receive technical assistance and training related to community engagement and partnership as well as justice reinvestment-based praxis for community development.

Please read below for our current NTI highlights!

  1. Technical Assistance on Community Engagement
  2. Public Education Workshop and Training Series menu
  3. Human Justice Fellowship Network
NeON leadership at work! (Information Exchange Session 1)

NeON leadership at work! (Information Exchange Session 1)

NTI Highlight #1: Technical Assistance on Community Engagement for New York City Department of Probation

In 2013, CNUS was contracted by the NYC Department of Probation to provide technical assistance in developing community engagement capacity for Neighborhood Opportunity Network (NeON) offices that opened in Harlem, South Bronx, Brooklyn, Queens and Staten Island.

  • For 6 months, we worked with each of the six NeON’s leadership (Assistant Commissioners, Branch Chiefs, Supervising Probation Officers) on how to build capacity and develop innovative strategies for community engagement.
  • We designed four intensive day-long Information Exchange Sessions followed by on-site coaching sessions, all of which proved powerful, transformative and fun.
  • We will continue this important and exciting work with the NYC Department of Probation in 2014 with the NeON Community Stakeholder Groups, probation officers and youth on probation.

FAQ: What is a NeON?

NeON leadership role playing a "client engagement" skit (Info Exchange Session 2)

NeON leadership role playing a “client engagement” skit (Info Exchange Session 2)

“NeON stands for Neighborhood Opportunity Network, and is a community-based DOP office that works with a network of educators, local businesses, community organizations, government agencies, and community residents to link probation clients to local opportunities, resources and services.

The NeON redefines how and where DOP works with probation clients. The NeON focuseson: Networks – Linking clients to organizations and individuals to expand their access to quality education, work and community engagement; Client Engagement – Working with clients and their families in the neighborhoods where they live; and Community Engagement – Working with the community to craft good solutions to complex problems by identifying and building on individual and community assets and strengths.” — NYC DOP

Voice of America Story on South Bronx NeON

NTI Highlight #2: NuLeadership Training Institute Workshops/Training Series

As part of our Public Education and Training series, CNUS offers a series of workshop series and trainings for individuals, agencies and organizations seeking skills and knowledge building for Human Justice.  Please see the menu of workshops/trainings below to sponsor one in your community or organization.  If interested, we ask that you begin the process by downloading, filling out and returning the CNUS request form (found at the bottom of this page) to us at!

1. Know Your Rights, Community Power!: a very interactive DVD + Jeopardy game-based workshop on rights, negotiation and advocacy skills for police and criminal justice system encounters.

2. Raise the Youth, Raise the Bar, Raise the Age (RYBA): an overview workshop on juvenile justice system in NY and nation-wide, and why we should change the way we try youth as adults in the criminal justice system and the juvenile justice system

3. Re-entry vs. Nu-entry: CNUS seminar/forum on why re-entry misses the mark on what the process of “returning home” entails and takes, drawing on/applying international human rights frameworks and precepts of resettlement and internal displacement.

4. From Criminal Justice to Human Justice: what you can do personally, socially and politically to move the paradigm from one of CJ to HJ.

5. Legal Clinic for civic restoration for people with a criminal record: assists with RAP Sheet review/repair and obtainment of NYS Certificates of Rehabilitation; and covers employment rights and discrimination protection laws for people with a criminal history

6. Gangs: Myths, Truths and Tools: a workshop/forum on “gang intervention” – what it’s about, what it takes and what is looks like now and what can/should be done about it.

7. Facilitation 101-103: how to design and facilitate a successful, authentic and effective workshop/discussion.

8. Juvenile Justice 101-103: introduction to the history and workings of juvenile justice system locally and nationally with specific focus on New York City; system mapping and navigation, and directory of key stakeholders; introduction to advocacy training on Disproportionate Minority Contact and juvenile detention reform; how to plug into local juvenile justice reform efforts and how to address local juvenile justice/youth crime related issues

9. True Colors Academy: gang awareness and leadership training for youth who are gang affiliated/involved.

10. Community Mapping, Engagement and Partnership: introductory workshop for system stakeholders on developing and implementing outcome-driven community partnership for achieving quantitative and qualitative improvement in public safety.

NTI Highlight #3: Human Justice Seminar & Training Series is launching in 2014 with formerly incarcerated activists and scholars who will participate in a series of seminars and trainings on Human Justice and Public Policy.  Sign up for updates by emailing us at!

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