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Faith and Justice

Greater Works LogoGreater Works Deliverance Church (GWDC) has been established as the faith based division of the Center Nuleadership on Urban Solutions (CNUS) to provide education, training, and advocacy and organizing skills building services to clergy leaders, their congregations and the communities they serve.

Through GWDC, the Center will offer a full range of services to small, medium and large churches in the NYC and the tri-state area, in an effort to increase their presence in the public policy arena and expand their service delivery networks.

One of the first projects developed out of the faith based division is the Jericho Task Force (JTF), which consists of clergy leadership in the borough of Brooklyn comprising the bishops/pastors roundtable.

First Jericho Task Force convening (Brooklyn, NY)

First Jericho Task Force convening at Bible Faith Ministries, Brooklyn, NY
(March 2013)

The purpose of forming this task force is to begin to mobilize, organize and train clergy leaders around issues of violence, crime and race in the Black community and prepare them to be effective advocates in the policy and social service arenas. Current JTF highlights and features in development are as follows:

  1. Tele-visitation Program for Loved Ones in Prison: The establishment of a tele-visitation program will allow JTF network church members to visit with their loved ones in designated NYS correctional facilities through face to face visits via tele-conferencing. The purpose of this program is to preserve and maintain contact with parents and family members in order to ensure that we reduce family disruption and separation. The family is the building block of society and should be the starting point for any effort to restore balance, safety and harmony in any community.
  2. First Response System: The JTF has taken the initiative to bring together clergy from across the borough to join in an effort to address the root causes of violence and crime in a collective manner. In doing so, the JTF has developed a community empowerment network comprised of borough-wide churches that will become part of a First Response System designed to respond, identify, and communicate incidents of crime and violence in targeted network member communities.
  3. Training and Technical Assistance: The JTF will provide training on community organizing, mobilization and empowerment, security protocols, public safety techniques and communication skills that will allow them to effective disseminate information. These trainings will allow Bishops, Pastors and church leadership to engage in and teach their members preventive measures that will reduce the incidents of crime and violence.

    Harry Belafonte spoke at the first JTF convening on the role of clergy in the civil rights mvmt (March 2013)

    Harry Belafonte spoke at the first JTF convening on the role of clergy in the civil rights mvmt (March 2013)

There are a number of other initiatives in the developmental stages that will become a part of the full menu of strategies employed by JTF network members in communities throughout the borough of Brooklyn.

JTF network member meetings will rotate among participating network churches on a monthly basis and will offer information sharing opportunities, specialized presentations, critical insights and skills building.

As the network grows and begins to affect change in the borough of Brooklyn, it will expand its reach and share its successes with clergy throughout the city of New York and abroad.

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