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From Criminal Justice to Human Justice

From criminal justice to Human Justice (CJ to HJ) is our ten year campaign to create a new paradigm for achieving “justice” by deconstructing

Building a Future Beyond Prisons

Building a Future Beyond Prisons (Chino Jr. and Krishna Hardin)

the policies, procedures, programs and practices of the current criminal justice model and realigning them with organic alternatives that originate from a Human Justice framework.

Human Justice is an outcome driven philosophy and resistance movement, created by the Center for NuLeadership on Urban Solutions, to deconstruct the prison industrial complex by redirecting human and financial resources away from punishment oriented systems towards more effective long-term sustainable solutions for social and economic equality, public safety and public health.

The philosophy of Human Justice is created by uniting and integrating the basic principles of international human rights on to a platform for facilitating human development theory, methods and practice.

Human Rights + Human Development = Human Justice

From Criminal Justice to Human Justice (CJ to HJ) campaign seeks to demonstrate Human Justice through the following key goals:

  1. end mass arrests and incarceration
  2. develop a blueprint for infrastructure for reform and implement decarceration
  3. develop and implement a public health approach to addressing drug policy and violence/crime
  4. facilitate community economic development for individual and societal empowerment, dignity and healing in disenfranchised communities
  5. reshape the media portrayal and public opinion of people with criminal records by humanizing their popular image and offering language alternatives to counter current negative stereotypes, beliefs, misinformation and myths

CJ to HJ campaign is conducted on three levels to achieve these goals according to our CSI methodology that works to transform the way we achieve public safety and health: Community Development/Empowerment, System Realignment, and Individual Transformation.

As such, the CJ to HJ campaign to promote and achieve Human Justice is demonstrated through projects and initiatives that apply the CSI methodology for building a future beyond prisons for our communities and society-at-large.

Our current projects are categorized, listed and hyper linked below for further reading. Please note that all of our projects employ the CSI methodology, however, we designate certain projects to lead in one area over another for strategic outcomes.

Systems Realignment

  1. Public Health Policy Project
  2. Raise the Youth, Raise the Bar, Raise the Age (RYBA)
  3. Task Force on Racial Disparity in the Juvenile Justice System (TFRD)
  4. New Yorkers for Health & Safety (NYFHS)
  5. NuLeadership Training Institute (NTI)
  • [system transformation] Community Engagement Technical Assistance/Training for the NYC Department of Probation’s NeONs*

* NeON stands for Neighborhood Opportunity Network, and is a community-based DOP office that works with a network of educators, local businesses, community organizations, government agencies, and community residents to link probation clients to local opportunities, resources and services.  The NeON redefines how and where DOP works with probation clients. The NeON focuses on: Networks – Linking clients to organizations and individuals to expand their access to quality education, work and community engagement; Client Engagement – Working with clients and their families in the neighborhoods where they live; and Community Engagement – Working with the community to craft good solutions to complex problems by identifying and building on individual and community assets and strengths.

Community Empowerment/Development

  1. Language Letter Campaign
  2. LAL Academy and 7 Neighborhood Tour
  3. NuLeadership Training Institute
  • [community empowerment] Technical assistance and training support to New York University Prison Education Initiative
  • [community empowerment] Public Education and Training SeriesLife After Lockdown:

Individual Transformation

  1. Project ReNu – civic restoration program for people with a record of arrest and prosecution (RAP sheet)
  2. Young People Moving Power Academy – transformative, intensive and long-term youth leadership, organizing, mentoring and human development academy for youth and young adults most impacted by mass incarceration.
  3. NuLeadership Training Institute

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