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Program Overview


At CNUS, our theory of change entails two critical frameworks.

  1. The first framework is developed to instruct on shifting our current paradigm of justice, safety and health from one of criminal justice to Human Justice, wherein the formula for Human Justice is Human Rights + Human Development = Human Justice, as developed by CNUS in 2012.
  2. The second framework is developed to illustrate a methodology for achieving Human Justice which involves fulfilling transformation on three levels simultaneously: Community, System and Individual (CSI).

Accordingly, our projects develop and evolve according to our three pronged methodology for achieving Human Justice – our CSI strategy which stands for Community Empowerment, System Realignment and Individual Transformation.

Community Empowerment involves directing resources to targeted neighborhoods to achieve sustainable community development, reinvestment and self-determination in the areas of education, economic development, civic engagement and social services. It involves creating a pool of community stakeholders equipped, trained and adequately resourced to interface with system stakeholders and participate meaningfully and equitably in the decision making process.

System Accountability and Realignment is having a principled mechanism of oversight for quality control, data collection, performance evaluation and community partnership. It is holding the system accountable, analyzing system behavior and forging system-community partnerships for arriving at solutions and outcomes that expand and enable Community Development and Empowerment, and Individual Transformation.

Individual Transformation places the person, the human being, at the center of any policy, advocacy, practice or program that results in expanded and sustainable life improving opportunities and affirmative support networks.


Within the Center there are three divisions:

(1) Research, Policy and Advocacy Division; (2) Community Empowerment and Development Division; and (3) Individual Transformation and Leadership Development Division.

Under the (1) Research, Policy and Advocacy Division, we have two program areas:

  • Institute for Juvenile Justice Reform and Alternatives (IJJRA) and
  • NuLeadership Policy Group (NPG)

Both programs work to achieve public safety and public health through meaningful policy reform and advocacy campaigns that seek to achieve decarceration, system realignment, community partnership/engagement and effective program development proposals for youth and adults who are system involved.

Under the (2) Community Empowerment and Development Division, we have three tracks for training and technical assistance:

  • Power Up Track for coaching up community members to become effective advocates and stakeholders in their neighborhood and Human Justice works;
  • System-Community Partnership Track for system stakeholders looking to engage community partners in achieving their program goals and develop effective oversight mechanism for accountability, quality control and cost savings; and
  • True Colors Initiative for institutional and community-based stakeholders to build capacity and infrastructure for administering effective public safety and health based programs.

Under the (3) Individual Transformation and Leadership Development Division, we have:

  • Project ReNu, a civic restoration project that helps individuals with a criminal record conduct Record of Arrest and Prosecution (RAP) sheet review/repair; obtain New York State issued Certificates of Rehabilitation to help remove statutory barriers to employment, housing and education; and restore civic rights and aspirations for exercising human citizenship and development rights in political, economic and social arenas of society;
  • NuLeadership Training Institute (NTI) that works to train formerly incarcerated professionals as well as community and system stakeholders to become Human Justice leaders in public policy arenas;
  • ARCHES, a transformative mentoring program that works with justice-involved young adults – specifically 16-24 year old young adults on probation – expand their consciousness, capabilities and engagement in building and living a meaningful future;
  • Young People Moving Power, an intensive youth leadership development and organizing training program for our youth members and ARCHES alumni.

Our current projects are listed below. Please click on the links below or navigate through the menu bar to explore our projects further for involvement and action!

  1. From Criminal Justice to Human Justice
  2. The Language Campaign
  3. NuLeadership Training Institute (NTI)
  4. Public Health Policy Project (PHPP)
  5. Raise the Youth, Raise the Bar, Raise the Age (RYBA)
  6. Task Force on Racial Disparity in the Juvenile Justice System (TFRD)
  7. New Yorkers for Health & Safety (NYFHS)
  8. Faith & Justice
  9. Project ReNu
  10. Young People Moving Power Academy (YPMP)